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In recent weeks, we, like half the world's population, have been experiencing a situation full of uncertainty. And we have no choice but to accept it.

Each day brings its own emotions and turmoil. Every day we have to reassess our feelings, hopes and doubts. Every day we hear forecasts, without knowing exactly where we are today and, more importantly, where we will be tomorrow... So the stress is high, because we are faced with a dose of the unknown that we are not used to. What we are certain of at the agency is that this period will come to an end. So now, more than ever, is the time to join forces to cope.

When resilience and adaptability guide us
We evolve and adapt, which is why we readjust our teams and everyone's role every day.

Saving certain energies for a while, to maximise others according to the priorities on the ground.

Distributing forces to the right places and rebalancing efforts are part of our DNA.

A philosophy that nevertheless requires extraordinary agility in these times of crisis.

In fact, we learn every day. That's why our teams train, tackle internal issues, and continue to invest 100% alongside our clients. Like them, we have also evolved our agency life processes.

Every morning, we meet for 'wake-up calls' by video conference. A time for information, sharing and fun... essential for maintaining cohesion and relationships.

Similarly, we have, through other platforms and other tools, increased our vigilance on what is going on at home, and of course at our customers.

From trust comes unprecedented solidarity

All affected, all impacted. The problem is collective, the solution will also be collective.

The company, with the help of the State, is playing its social role forcefully: with and for its employees.

Today, 230 jobs must be preserved as a priority. From tomorrow, they will be the driving force that will enable us to start again, all together, when the crisis ends.

Strongly integrated into the local and international fabric, our various entities are facing an equally important challenge: supporting ALL our customers. What seems natural in times of "peace" is even more so in recent weeks.

And it is with them and for them that we fight every day. To accompany them and help them evolve, to find solutions, to detect new opportunities, to bear the impact of the crisis... this is how we reinvent ourselves every day!

We are living in a unique moment.

Where time can be used for the future.

Rethinking models and creating solutions.

We did it yesterday, we will go further tomorrow.

The future, our main objective

"Necessity is the mother of invention", digital will undoubtedly be the essential lever of the recovery. Thanks to it, links are maintained (or woven), and entire areas of activity are continued (or created) despite the confinement.

The latest developments in China also give us confidence in the future.

The crisis highlights territories to be explored, gaps to be addressed, uses to be rethought. Extraordinary examples of connections between people. However digital they may be. Technology will undoubtedly become one of the "sources of possibilities" and opportunities.

We are deeply convinced of this.

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