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Become an expert on QlikSense and Tableau in 10 videos !

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in Qlik Sense and Tableau, this content is for you!

In a series of 10 videos, our collaborators will guide you through the use of two BI (Business Intelligence) tools of the market. You will discover the best practices for integrating data, creating reports and tables, and encrypting data. Take the time to learn at your own pace, using the various tutorials presented in french by our experts.  

Data Model and Concept Overview

Qlik Sense - Data integration for a beginner

Qlik Sense - Data integration for an expert

Qlik Sense - Reporting for a beginner

Qlik Sense - Reporting by an expert 

Qlik Sense - encrypting Qlik data

Tableau - data integration for beginners

Tableau - data integration for an expert 

Tableau - reporting for a beginner

Tableau - reporting by an expert

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