Cloud Ready

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The Cloud is no longer a matter of "if" but "when".
Investment decisions that are linked to time to market, innovation, security, return on investment, resilience, scalability, business performance, complexity of distributed architectures, resource optimisation, system modernisation and openness to Cloud services, are challenged every day by Cloud offerings.

CROSS supports its clients in these challenges. . How about you? Are you "Cloud Ready"?

Are service mesh, serverless, Kubernetes-type orchestrators, reactive architectures, IoT solutions, etc... things that concern you? You too can call on our experts for help with implementing and migrating your IS to these solutions.

If the Cloud is not part of your roadmap or a priority for you, allow us to introduce you to the power of distributed architectures, technological innovation at the service of your business, the efficiency of IoT devices connected to your IS, and many other Use Cases deployed by CROSS. All these things can be of benefit in your particular situation.

Welcome to the Cross: Cloud Ready offering!


Digital Services

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Our Digital Services Cross offering draws on 35 years of expertise in French-speaking Switzerland to meet your business needs.
Our clients, major players in Insurance, Tax, Private Banking, Energy and Health, trust us to meet their needs in the fields of solution integration and business process digitisation.

Beyond establishing new services, CROSS can also manage your application portfolio. As your innovation partner, we can advise you on optimising your business processes as well as technological migrations

TMA Operational solutions, portfolio development through innovation injection (tech + UX/UI).

Our business expertise and technological and methodological skills enable us to identify the best services for your situation in the shortest possible time for results that make an impact.

Welcome to the Cross: Digital Services offering!



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For CROSS, DevSecOps is above all a culture.
A culture cannot be dictated, it has to be encouraged to grow within an organisation. During this process, it will come up against issues in your organisation such as change management, team maturity and the complexity of the tooling to be put in place.

The DevSecOps Cross offering includes:

  • DevSecOps Maturity: A methodology for analysing your maturity in order to provide the most relevant information for the development of your DevSecOps culture.
  • DevSecOps Change Management: The information resulting from this analysis will enable us to manage your organisation's transition to DevOps
  • DevSecOps Tooling: Services for setting up your CI/CD tools, provisioning, monitoring, containerisation, versioning, security.

Welcome to the Cross: DevSecOps offering!


Cloud migration

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In just a few years, the cloud has become a must for IT departments.
One of the major challenges of migrating to the cloud is refocusing on the company's business, but that's not all! Reducing costs, optimising the IT budget, time-to-marketand concentrating on research and innovation are all among the benefits of the cloud.

A cloud migration must be prepared and planned in advance as it involves organisational, architectural and process aspects, as well as support for change.

CROSS offers a comprehensive 4-step approach:

  1. Measuring maturity
  2. Establishing a target vision
  3. Iterating with concrete achievements
  4. Taking stock at each iteration. Then you start all over again!

Welcome to the CROSS: Cloud Migration offering!



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In a context of digital transformation and technological innovations, the DataHub facilitates access to and use of data.
Put at the service of the company's growth, it makes it possible to concentrate all data in a single storage and processing location while distributing it in multiple ways.

CROSS has developed CROSSEDGE, a secure, modular and scalable DataHub architecture that enables you:

  • To be the masters of your data with open modules
  • To improve data quality: data is stored, analysed and valued
  • To manage all types of Workloads

If "74% of all companies will have a DataHub in 2023" according to GARTNER, then why not you?

Welcome to the CROSSEDGE by Cross offering!


Data Gouvernance

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Data is the new black gold of the business world and that's a fact!
However, being able to exploit data and derive value from it when the company is not "Digital-Native" can seem like more of a miracle than a project.

Yet small and large companies are managing to take the plunge and transform themselves rapidly.

Our Data Governance approach is based on 4 pillars: processes, organisation, data quality and people, and can make your data smarter.

Implementing data governance will enable you to reduce duplication of data, minimise security risks, improve data quality and decision-making, give users more clarity and avoid unnecessary technological work.

Welcome to the CROSS Data Governance offering!


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